Effective Interview

Stand Out with an Effective Interview

Interview suggestions from a recruiters’ perspective

  • Study the Job Description & Organization − Analyze the job description to make sure you have a complete understand of the responsibilities. A thorough review of the description will help you gauge potential questions that will be asked of you. Also, go online or speak with industry experts or colleagues who may have experience working with a particular organization. Having an understanding of a company’s operations and culture will show the interviewer that you are a well prepared candidate.
  • Rehearsal & Preparation − Take the time to review relevant information such as technical documentation, study guides, online interview questions, or technical assessments before interviewing. While you may be an expert in your field, in a stressful environment of an interview, you may struggle to recall certain scenarios, technologies and procedures. You should be able to recall at least 4 situations in which you were directly responsible for a positive outcome. Each situation should be explained as a story in a fashion that describes the situation, task, action and result. The goal is to highlight your teamwork, communication skills, determination and leadership ability.
  • Be Punctual & Professional − Being late for an interview is unacceptable. Make sure you have a contact number for your recruiter or the receptionist in case you will be late. Ideally you should be checked in and waiting calmly 10 minutes prior to your scheduled time. If your interview location in unfamiliar to you, it would be wise to scout the area a day or so before. This will help relieve unnecessary anxiety as you focus on your preparation. You should never assume anything and arrive to the interview in business attire which consists of a suit, tie (men) and polished shoes.
  • The Game Face − Before interviews, turn off your mobile device and be cordial to everyone you meet from the receptionist to the interviewing manager(s). If you engage someone to give a handshake, look the person in the eye and introduce yourself with a firm handshake. A firm handshake conveys confidence and professionalism. During the interview you should be relaxed and confident; your preparation should give you the assurance to respond with well thought out answers. Please understand that any discomfort and problems you have can be detected through frowns, nervous taping and other body language. Maintain eye contact and respond to questions directly while avoiding long-winded answers or interruptions. Never speak negatively of your employer or discuss compensation or benefits during the first interview.
  • Follow Up − A thank you note should be sent immediately following an interview to each person with whom you met, therefore, please try to get a business card from everyone you meet. Make sure the note is personalized. If you are writing to more than one person do not send a generic note to everyone, make sure you personalize the note to include information about what you discussed with that person. Hiring managers interview many people and you want to be sure you stand out.